Exercise of the Day: Jumping Lunges

Jumping Lunges! Another fitting title description for this movement could be Killer Leg Burn.
Yes, Jumping Lunges are extreme, in a good way!
Jumping Lunges are a high impact plyometric exercise that will help you develop lower body strength, speed and leaping ability.
The whole movement fires up your entire body, not just your legs.  Thereby, giving you an intense workout in a short amount of time. In other words, this exercise movement falls into HIT (High Intensity Training). It’s a great calorie burner and muscle builder at the same time.
Benefits of Jumping Lunges
  • It’s Free! Can be done almost anytime and anywhere with the right amount of space.
  • Great bodyweight workout, no equipment needed.
  • Engages and strengths: hamstrings, quadriceps, calves,  shins, gluteus, the abdomen and the surrounding lower torso. This, in turn, can have beneficial effects on your lower back muscles.
  • Your Core is also engaged in order to help keep you in balance
  • By increasing the number of repetitions, Jumping Lunges can also provide a good cardio/conditioning workout.
How to perform Jumping Lunges:
  • Start position: stand with one foot forward, and the other foot back. Bend both knees in a modified squat position.
  • The thigh of your front leg and the shin of your rear leg should be parallel to the floor.
  • The knee of your rear leg should be almost kissing the floor.
  • When you are ready, jump up explosively, making sure to get both feet off the ground.
  • Switch legs in mid-air so that you land with opposite foot in the front.
  • Arm placement: You can keep your arms bent or in a prisoner position interlocked behind your head.
  • Alternate the jumping lunge with your other leg. That is one repetition.
  • Warm up properly beforehand
  • To keep your balance and to ensure good posture, keep your back straight
  • Wear good footwear
  • Try and land as softly as possible to avoid injury
  • As you get better with jumping lunges, try increasing your repetition. Start with 5 alternate jumping lunges on each leg and increase until you can do 12 alternate jumping lunges on each leg without stopping.

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